CyberDAO Presale is here

5 min readDec 20, 2021
  • Am I on the whitelist?
  • Where do I get $FRAX?
  • When will my allocation show up in MetaMask

The day we have all been waiting for is here. For the past weeks we have been grinding ranks to get maximum allocations. Zelos kept us busy with exciting tasks way beyond the usual “invite 1000 people and get achance to be maybe included in the wl” nonsense. Some of the tasks were really hard and I enjoyed the teamwork that was established in the Synthaka faction and among the corpzoners.

Now you did your grinding and wonder, if you are on the whitelist? Easiest way to check is

The presale screen

The last 2 lines show your allocation. If these lines show a 0 allocation, you didn’t make it on the whitelist. What can you do about it? Nothing. Time to get on the whitelist is over. “But Ser, me and my frens did an aweful lot of grinding. We even bought some additional accounts.” Well, that’s the problem. There was no issue with faction members cooperating to solve the riddles. But there is an issue with 5 people sitting in the same office/home/tent/brothel trying to get 5 or more spots on the whitelist for their boss/boyfriend/girlfriend/pimp. I know it is not 100% fair. But life never is. Even if you are not on the whitelist: You are still early and you GMI.

If “YOUR $FRAX BALANCE” is 0 then you have the wrong $FRAX token in your wallet and you will have to convert it using

The presale consist of 2 steps:

Step 1: Deposit $FRAX

To get frax on boba, you best transfer some ETH from ethereum to boba network. If you haven’t done so, add boba to you Metamask:

Networkname: BOBA L2
RPC-URL: https://mainnet.boba.networtk
Chain ID: 288
Currency Symbol: ETH

Once you have done that, direct your browser to and connect to your Ethereum Wallet:

I use Fast Bridge to L2 to transfer my ETH to as it is swap based and works pretty fast. Keep in mind, that you have to pay ETH on ethereum for this transaction. You can watch the transfer on the website until you see your ETH show up on the right side of the screen.

Once your ETH has arrived go to and swap your ETH for $FRAX. $FRAX should show up on the token list of oolongswap. If it doesn’t just copy the adress in the search field of the token list: 0x7562F525106F5d54E891e005867Bf489B5988CD9. You might want to add $FRAX to MM after the swap. Always keep in mind, that transactions on boba still require gas. A lot less then on Ethereum, but you should still keep some ETH for gas.

Now for the exciting part. Direct your browser to and approve your $FRAX spending in one transaction. Once that tx is approved enter the wanted amount of aCYBER in the “aCYBER amount” field or just hit that “max” button, if you want to buy your max allocation (who wouldn’t want that?).

What happens now? Your FRAX get’s deposited in the presale contract of cyberDAO. You will not get any token for now, but your $FRAX is gone.

Don’t panic.

During the presale phase the $FRAX of WL members is deposited in the contract. For this phase both token $FRAX and $aCYBER will stay in the treasury to prevent people from selling their $aCYBER prematurely by setting up a fake pool (happened with $KLIMA and it was a mess). You see, Zelos is taking care of you. When presale is over, before claiming is enabled, Zelos will add the liquidity on Oolongswap at a ratio of 4 $FRAX / $aCYBER.

Step 2: Claim your aCYBER

When claiming is enabled (watch announcement on discord) go to again, click on “CLAIM aCYBER”, hit that sweet “max” button and claim your aCYBER. Now $aCYBER will appear in your MM as it is transfered from the contract into your wallet. To see aCYBER in MM you need to add a custom token to MM with the following address: 0x641e3C61DBFc5C9eD8f620eb474271cd4439f7d5

Now you’re good. Congratulations on being part of the most exciting launch of the year.

Some questions still remain:

Am I allowed to sell my aCYBER before the launch? Yes you are, that is what the aCYBER/FRAX pool on oolongswap is for (it is also called price discovery). You will notice, that the price for aCYBER is immediately 100% up from the presale price. It will increase further as the launch date nears. But I do not recommend selling right now (at least not everything) because you will miss out on the APY that will come with launch. “But Ser, I bought for $2 and now it is $1000.” Go for it. I’ll buy your token, once the price will come down, because you will surely have spent the money on a “funny looking Llama with sombrero” NFT.

Can I send $FRAX directly to the contract? Don’t do it. Technically it is possible, but your address will not properly registered in the contract, so your funds will be lost. Forever. Use the dApp instead.

Can I bridge $FRAX directly? Yes you can. You can still use to bridge your $FRAX from Ethereum to But you will get (kind of) the wrong $FRAX token and you will have to use to convert your $FRAX to $bobaFRAX.

Can I bridge anything else over to boba? Yes you can. Here is an example:

Using the synapse protocol you can bridge almost anything from anywhere to anywhere. In this case I use synapse to bridge my USDT on BSC to USDC on Afterwards I can use oolongswap to swap USDC to FRAX.

How will the launch work? I can’t tell now, details will be announced in time. But if you hold on to your aCYBER, you are good to go.

Who is Zelos? Zelos is a multithreading, multitasking, omnibraining, 42 steps ahead artificial intelligence from the year 2077. So don’t try to understand how he works.




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