Like to be a Playa, Streetscum?

4 min readDec 8, 2021
  • Can there be a better OHM?
  • Turn (3,3) into (x,y)
  • Become a black market fixer

These past days I spent a lot of time in the CyberDAO discord. Why? For one, because it was Whitelist spot hunting time (and it was more fun than I ever had in any crypto project — read about it at the end of the article), secondly because it is an amazing accumulation of wits and brains and thirdly because I firmly believe that CyberDAO will be huge.

When I talk in other channels about CyberDAO I get the usual “Yaaaawn, another OHM fork.”, “But Sers, can there be a better OHM?” Depends on which way you look at it. Let me borrow an analogy from cars.

We all agree that Mercedes-Benz produces amazing cars. Only few people would try to produce better Mercedes-Benz cars. So if you ask: But Sers, can there be better Mercedes? The answer is, only Mercedes-Benz can produce better Mercedes models. So I would say, only OlympusDAO can make OHM better. And they constantly do.

Most modern cars are based on the ideas and patents of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz. You could call them forks. So the question is, can you make something that get’s you from A to B and is a lot of fun and does things very differently? That’s what CyberDAO does. I like to think of it as a Tesla (I own a Model 3 performance, I know what I am talking about). Yes, Tesla makes cars. Yes CyberDAO is a reserve currency based on the mechanics of OHM. But that is where the similarities of Mercedes/Tesla and OHM/CYBER ends.

The similarities are summed up in bonding, staking, APY, RFV, Treasury and so on. So far nothing new, you might say. (Tesla is a car is a car is a car.)

CyberDAO takes these similarities and embeds them into a shitload of fun. Based on the Cyberpunk lore of the factions in Nox City, NFT are introduced, that can be used as augmentations:

These augmentations are ERC-1155 NFT, which means, there can be more than one of the same. Using these NFT one can augment the staking/bonding parameters of the pool (reduce vesting time, boost your APY, reduce the bond price, increase governance power and so on) and build an individual strategy. Sounds boring? Take this and make it a game. Let the factions battle it out. Who develops the best strategy?

SYNTHAKA is the best faction.

A black market will be created were augmentations, drugs, trinkets and other in-game items can be traded with other members because they fit their strategy better than yours. Imagine there would be a drug that could double APY for 30 rebases, or a trinket that halfs the vesting time, combined with a helmet that reduces the bond price (or that protects you against “The wrath of Zelos”, which reduces APY for 1 rebase to 0 unless you wear the helmet in which case the full rebase is distributed to the helmet people). Based on these features, campaigns can be developed.

I can imagine that not only trading will be enabled, but also lending/borrowing of items. Sometimes you need an NFT only for a short period of time, to be eligible for a draw or an airdrop. Or maybe you need to complement a collection to get something. Instead of buying, you can borrow (reNFT does that) the NFT/augmentation/trinket. It would be much better to develop the strategy with borrowed items. If your strategy doesn’t work out, you return the item. If it works, f… the owner, forfeit the collateral and just keep it. It’s a black market in Nox City. I personally would just accumulate items and earn passive income by lending them.

This is the beauty of it. In such an environment you can follow your own path. You can not only choose between (1,1), (3,3) and (9,9). You can be a player in a virtual world, find your own place, find your faction, find your strategy, beat others to it, beat the system, become a netrunner.

This is OHM for Playaz.

PS: During the whitelist hunt, we played hidden games on the website like minesweeper and asteroids, we had to decipher steganographed messages and use cartography skills. This was way beyond the usual “20 members with the most discord invites get a whitelist spot boredom” and “like, retweet, tag 3 friends and if you are a lucky bastard you will get on the whitelist”.

Playing Asteroids to get the role “life on mars”

Disclaimer: I am no part of the CyberDAO team. But I am a very excited member of the community.




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